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For PGA Teaching Professionals

A new TWO PART programme
to encourage amateur golfers
to improve their game

The FIRST PART, is our new golf handbook that allows golfers to assess their game by measuring it against a series of average scoring stats created by accredited golf organizations including the R & A and the USGA.

The SECOND PART is to be provided by you their local PGA Teaching Professional.
After analyzing their game and comparing it against other golfers who are the same age and have the same handicap, the golfer will be motivated to seek your help to increase their speed and improve their game.
The golf handbook also encourages the golfer to have their golf clubs checked to find out if they are suitable for their height and swing speed.


  • A new Income Stream with over 140% Gross Profit (recommended retail price £11.95)
  • A low cost Easy Sell Popular Product for your golf shop
  • An increase in the number of Swing Speed and Golf Lessons. 
  • An increase in the number of golf skills improvement lessons. 
  • An opportunity to examine the member’s clubs to ensure they are suitable for their height and Swing Speed
  • A Professionally printed handbook with 250gsm silk cover and 150gsm silk pages.
  • A Product Personalized to Promote You and Your Golf Club
Cairndow Golf Handbook Cover

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